Zdrowe powietrze to podstawa

Zadbaj o swoje bezpieczeństwo i czystość swojego umysłu. Przy dobrym dotlenieniu organizmu Twoja wydajność i poziom koncentracji wzrasta. Nasze filtry antysmogowe z pewnością Ci w tym pomogą.


Adgar Atrium

You think you've seen it all and nothing can surprise you? See how impressed you and your guests will be with our exceptional Atrium located in the Adar Park West building in the Ochota district. It's the perfect place for an event. Warsaw can certainly be proud of it.

This unique project was created in response to the expectations of the most demanding organizers of galas, banquets, fairs, exhibitions and events that require professional organization and exceptional setting. This space gives to your event a different dimension. By this it becomes much more interesting solution, when we stand by the choice of place of our event than traditional banquet hall.

The surface of 660 sq m and the height of up to 14m create unique arrangement possibilities, which will be appreciated by the authors of even the most unconventional projects. The fully glazed front façade of the Atrium reaches the fifth floor of the building. The entrances located on two opposite sides of the Atrium underline the consistent structure of the façade.

Around the whole area there are three external leisure and recreation zones that allow continuation of the event outside.

There is also an additional catering space of 510 sq m at your disposal, where the restaurant "Świeżo Malowane" is also located. The restaurant has got its own kitchen, which makes the scope of catering services even wider.

The Atrium is located in the direct vicinity of the city centre and has a car park for your guests.

One picture says more than a thousand words, so we invite you to see pictures and films from the events held in the Atrium.

A video from the opening ceremony of the Adgar Park West complex, with the show of the Art Project Ballet acrobatic group and the concert of Kayah, one of the most popular Polish singers:



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