Add a pinch of Italian climate to your holiday events. 40% discount for training and conference rooms by the end of August.


Sixth room for free

In addition, we prepared attractive catering packages for you and your guests from 69 pln per person.


For health!

Relax and take care of your spine during the conference to collect energy for the day.




Enrich your training with a non-standard attraction

From September at the Adgar Plaza Conference Center during the coffee break after lunch, there will be relaxing yoga classes conducted by Not Another Yoga Studio. Even a few light exercises during in break from sitting work can positively affect our well-being and health as well as increase our p...

Conference industry yesterday and today – key changes over the last 10 years

Over the last 10 years, our society has undergone enormous changes. We are more mobile, we meet our friends more often in the virtual world than in the real world, we can quickly gain new skills thanks to modern technologies, etc. In order to keep pace with the rapidly changing needs of clients, ...
Sala konferencyjna w Adgar Plaza

Three golden rules for choosing the perfect conference room

Looking at the offers of training and conference centres, one can get the impression that the only criterion distinguishing them from each other is their price. However, with a more in-depth analysis, more differences can be found quickly. Unfortunately, customers often do not have time to read v...

Summer discounts for conference and training rooms.

Take advantage of the 40% discount for renting the room until the end of August, and the morning coffee break will make you and your guests a perfectly frozen Italian granita. In addition, you can take advantage of Italian lunch options.

Aleksandra Perec's batik exhibition

Do you know that the presence of works of art stimulates creativity and inspires? It also relaxes and improves the mood. Therefore, from the beginning of June, the fairytale paintings by Aleksandra Perec will appear on our walls. We want you to feel good with us.

Can the summer starts now? With us yes!

We are slowly getting ready for a warm, holiday time, but we are still not slowing down! Thinking about your upcoming events, we have prepared special prices at our Adgar Plaza Conference Center. Today we start with a hot conference package for the price of PLN 99 / person. This time during the b...

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