Feel the magic of Christmas

Invite your team and organize a Christmas Eve other than all. This year we also offer Live cooking. Welcome!


Feel the magic of Christmas

Invite your team and organize a Christmas Eve other than all. This year we also offer Live cooking. Welcome!




Xmas for your team from 69 PLN / person!

Feel the magic of Christmas in our unique interiors. We cordially invite you to organize your Christmas Party in one of our facilities in Ochota and Mokotów. We have prepared for you unique packages with a special Christmas Eve menu. This year we also offer Live Cooking. Welcome!

A recipe for success, or how to plan the catering for an event to cater to various tastes

When planning the budget for our event, the key issue is to guarantee suitable funds for catering. It is well known that the direct route to your guests’ hearts leads through their stomachs. According to the experts from Adgar Conference Group, the key to success is creating a menu adapted to our...

#BLOG Event backroom, i.e. three tips from experts on what to ask before starting cooperation with a training centre

Conference planning is a challenge, mainly due to the number of tasks for the organizers. According to experts from Adgar Conference Poland, the key to success is to ask the right questions that will make cooperation with the selected conference centre much more pleasant. Anna Czaplicka - Busines...

#BLOG Storytelling in the conference industry — invention or innovative approach?

Looking for the best location for our conference, we often focus on that the selected Warsaw event place has spacious rooms with a beautiful view of the city. However, it is worth considering whether these are key aspects from the point of view of the participants of our event. As experts from th...

Catch Catchbox! Involve all participants.

Now everyone will be able to speak during the meeting. Without going with the microphone into the far rows of chairs, without passing it from hand to hand. Thanks to the inconspicuous, soft cube, you can throw the microphone wherever you want. Even to the person in the sixth row. Without limits.

#BLOG Yoga instead of cookies, i.e. the advantages of active leisure during coffee breaks

In line with the trend of healthy and active life, conference rooms in Warsaw should offer “something else” besides diet catering or ergonomic chairs. Experts from Adgar Conference Group took a closer look at the health aspect of conferences and during this difficult time of transition from holid...

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