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Zadbaj o swoje bezpieczeństwo i czystość swojego umysłu. Przy dobrym dotlenieniu organizmu Twoja wydajność i poziom koncentracji wzrasta. Nasze filtry antysmogowe z pewnością Ci w tym pomogą.


1st birthday of our Adgar Ochota Training Centre!

Our second facility – Adgar Ochota Training Centre celebrates its 1st birthday! We are delighted that in such a short time, our second facility has achieved such a big success.

It was a very fruitful time for us and proves this fact the results:

  • more than 900 rented training rooms
  • more than 16500 adopted guests
  • more than 160 organized events

The numbers are confirmation that we achieved a huge success, and our care about each customer and flexibility are an appropriate course of action.

How come?

  • 365 days of hard work of our entire team
  • 100% of the power is inserted at each event
  • many as 70% returning customers


5-5 - average rating of each meeting a scale of 1-6


No! We started very fast but this is just a beginning. We are very proud of the results, but we would not have achieved this without the support of our customers. It's thanks to you that we can boast of such results, therefore:



Adgar Team



Adgar Conference Group zmienia swoje oblicze #BEINSPIReD

Jako firma Adgar Poland od dwóch dekad bacznie obserwujemy rynek, aby móc tworzyć miejsca przyjazne, a przede wszystkim potrzebne i funkcjonalne. To właśnie z myślą o naszych klientach skomponowaliśmy unikalne koncepty jakimi są Brain Embassy czy Be Yourself – kreatywne miejsca pracy dostosowane ...

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