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Due to the restrictions introduced, read the applicable rules in our spaces.




Aleksandra Perec's batik exhibition

Do you know that the presence of works of art stimulates creativity and inspires? It also relaxes and improves the mood. Therefore, from the beginning of June, the fairytale paintings by Aleksandra Perec will appear on our walls. We want you to feel good with us.

Can the summer starts now? With us yes!

We are slowly getting ready for a warm, holiday time, but we are still not slowing down! Thinking about your upcoming events, we have prepared special prices at our Adgar Plaza Conference Center. Today we start with a hot conference package for the price of PLN 99 / person. This time during the b...

Sixth room for free

We like when you come back to us. Now we will see each other more often. If You book 5 rooms, the next room you get for free. This is a great opportunity to organize a series of trainings or conferences. Welcome.

Easter breath of spring

The long-awaited spring brought the sun and proposals for Easter meetings at the Adgar Conference Group. From a symbolic snack to a lavish banquet - we will fit the event setting for each type of event. Familiarize yourself with our special proposition and celebrate with us. Welcome.

Take care of the purity of your mind in our rooms

Have you ever wondered how important for your mind and creativity is the quality of the air? When your mind is properly oxygenated your performance is much higher. Do you want the participants of your trainings and conferences drew from your classes as much as possible? We have made sure that the...
ceny spadają na sale konferencyjne i eventowe

Winter discounts in Adgar Conference Group

Our prices are falling in Warsaw with snow. Take advantage of the -40% promotion for all our event and conference rooms. Enjoy!

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