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Premiera albumu kulinarnego "Szczypta Luksusu"

"Luxury Pinch" in our interior

On 01.04.2016, in our Adgar Plaza Conference Centre held a premiere gala of the second part of the culinary album "Pinch Luxury". It was also an ideal opportunity to celebrate the second birthday of the magazine Law Business Quality. We invite you to watch the movie of the evening.

We have created a new, unique event space

In our second location in Adgar Park West, at Aleje Jerozolimskie 181, we created the perfect venue for galas, banquets, fairs, exhibitions and any other type of event. Welcome to Adgar Atrium - a new events space on the map of Warsaw.

Our clients assessed our engagement

About how training center is standing on the market, providing not only its occupancy rate, but above all, how is evaluated by the organizers and participants. For this purpose, constantly we explore the satisfaction of our customers and improving particular steps in organizing meetings. We invit...

Not only PRO but also FIT

We kindly invite you to read our article which just appeared in the media industry. We stand by that conference or event can be not only PRO but also FIT.

Christmas Packages from Adgar Conference Group

Very soon will start Christmas time and planning Christmas Eve meetings, because of that today we have prepared unique packages with special Christmas menu. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our new offer.

Event to celebrate our 6 birthday!

On 07.10.2015 we celebrated 6th birthday of our Adgar Plaza Conference Center and referring to our latest product, we made sure that everything was both PRO and FIT. We invite you to look at the pictures of that day.

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