For health!

Relax and take care of your spine during the conference to collect energy for the day.


Clear Your mind

Because we care about the quality of our services, we also took care of the cleanliness od air in our rooms. Thanks to this, participants of your training will be able to gain even more than with the standard offer.



If, like us you love news, be sure to check what you can surprise your conference guests this time.


Action Recommendation

We would like to invite you to participate in our special project - Action Recommendation. With the full commitment of our team in every event realized with us, as much as 30% of the companies appears in our venues from the recommendation of other customers.

If you also are satisfied with our services, recommend us to your friends and enjoy with them special prizes. For details, please contact with our sales team. And remember - in our Action Recommendation gains each!



Summer discounts for conference and training rooms.

Take advantage of the 40% discount for renting the room until the end of August, and the morning coffee break will make you and your guests a perfectly frozen Italian granita. In addition, you can take advantage of Italian lunch options.

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