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#BLOG Event backroom, i.e. three tips from experts on what to ask before starting cooperation with a training centre

Conference planning is a challenge, mainly due to the number of tasks for the organizers. According to experts from Adgar Conference Poland, the key to success is to ask the right questions that will make cooperation with the selected conference centre much more pleasant. Anna Czaplicka - Business Unit Manager from the Adgar Conference Group told us what questions are worth asking and are not asked by the clients.

Let's start with what customers are guided by when choosing conference facilities?

Anna Czaplicka: Most of the inquiries we receive are very general and relate to three criteria - location, date and price. Many people contact the first facility that appears in the search engine under the keyphrase “place for event Warsaw" and limit   contact to e-mail and checking the website. Unfortunately, this is a big mistake, because the price of the offer depends on many factors, such as equipment in the facility, catering, room decoration, etc. Customers limited by a smaller budget often look for standard solutions, instead of opening to new, more creative alternatives that can be tailored to their needs and possibilities.

In that case, what first question should customers ask a selected conference facility?

Anna Czaplicka: Our conference and training centres have 4 facilities and 30 rooms in two locations in Warsaw. Therefore, from our point of view, the first question should relate strictly to the nature of the planned meeting, because this information allows us to tailor the offer to customer needs. For example, for an international conference for several hundred guests, we will offer spacious multimedia rooms with the option of online event transmission and simultaneous interpreting support. In turn, for a small business meeting there are the best training rooms for a dozen or so people. Even if the customer does not have the time or opportunity to come and evaluate the equipment and design of the rooms before signing the contract, at least having this basic information, we are able to tailor the offer to their needs.

This means that determining the nature of the meeting is crucial. And what next?

Anna Czaplicka: After adjusting the conference room to the character and number of guests, you should think about the possibilities offered by the selected space. It is not only about the equipment or the decor of the room, but also about the small but key amenities. A real-life example - many conference participants asked at the reception about the possibility of recharging their cell phones during coffee breaks. To meet their needs, our training centre has a separate zone with wall-mounted chargers for the most popular phone models. Thanks to this, guests no longer have to worry about the discharged battery in the phone during the event, and our clients - the organizers of these events - have one problem solved.

A very interesting approach. And what other options do your facilities offer that customers may forget to ask about?

Anna Czaplicka: We care very much to provide clients and their guests comfortable areas to relax during coffee breaks. To this end, we have planned, among others, creative chill room - a relaxation zone where you can relax on sofas and muffs, play table football, or talk in a pleasant atmosphere with romantic music. After all, coffee breaks are conducive to networking and the organizer's task is to create comfortable conditions for guests to exchange opinions with other participants. To diversify the decor, we often focus on interesting plants or creative additions, for example, during the holiday season pink flamingos appeared (laughs) or delicious coffee granita.

Surprising! And how do customers respond to such innovative ideas? Are you not afraid that the customer will even reject an interesting idea for fear of increasing the cost of the offer?

Anna Czaplicka: Of course, customers always have a decisive opinion, but our role is to suggest innovative solutions that will help them promote their event in the best possible way. Following this approach, we have created a small art gallery in our conference centre in Warsaw. The exhibition includes fairy-tale paintings by Aleksandra Perec, a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, who paints with beeswax on fabrics. The paintings enjoy the unflagging admiration of guests who confirmed our suspicions that the presence of art stimulates creativity and inspires them to discuss during coffee breaks. These non-standard ideas will stay in the memory of guests for longer.

Inspiring! So in summary - what should customers ask before cooperating with a training centre?

Anna Czaplicka: First of all, whether the facility is able to adapt its offer to the nature of the organized event. Secondly, what opportunities does the selected space offer in the context of facilities for organizers and participants. Finally, you also need to discuss the visual aspects of the interior design of the rooms and their functionality. The sooner we get through these three issues, the faster cooperation on both sides will be more efficient and the results more spectacular.

Thank you very much for the conversation and I wish you to continue your success!

Anna Czaplicka: Thank you very much too.



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