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Zadbaj o swoje bezpieczeństwo i czystość swojego umysłu. Przy dobrym dotlenieniu organizmu Twoja wydajność i poziom koncentracji wzrasta. Nasze filtry antysmogowe z pewnością Ci w tym pomogą.


#BLOG Storytelling in the conference industry — invention or innovative approach?

Looking for the best location for our conference, we often focus on that the selected Warsaw event place has spacious rooms with a beautiful view of the city. However, it is worth considering whether these are key aspects from the point of view of the participants of our event. As experts from the Adgar Conference Group argue, it is sometimes worth switching from this “window onto the world” to other elements that will add character to our meeting. For example, below we described three stories of rooms that, despite their limitations, won the hearts of participants and helped the conference organizers create an unforgettable atmosphere.

The devil is in the detail

Conference facilities often emphasize access to daylight and a city view from the window as the added value of their offer. However, this advantage can quickly turn into a disadvantage, because the noise from the outside and the reflection of lights can be distracting for meeting participants. For this reason, it is worth choosing a room without windows, for example, located at level -1 to effectively eliminate distracting elements. It turns out that during smaller business meetings, participants do not pay any attention to the view from outside the window and the lack of daylight. It is more important for them that the conference room is equipped with comfortable chairs, efficient connections to the projector and the Internet for conducting online presentations, and in case of technical problems help is at hand. In addition, the mentioned rooms located at level -1 in the Adgar Conference Group building have other amenities, such as strips on the walls for fixing boards and flipchart sheets, which greatly facilitates the meeting.

Presentation for the 21st century

It is understandable that the conference centre must stand out from the multitude of other facilities to attract the organizers' attention with its offer. Here, it is worth mentioning the Adgar Event Room, also called a futuristic or cosmic room by the customers. It deserved this name thanks to the provision of eleven 46-inch monitors placed along the longitudinal walls, and the main 103-inch monitor in the centre of the room, and an additional projector with the possibility of further widening the image field. On the sides of the room there are also additional monitors and led backlit shelves with the possibility of connecting to the power supply. This room is therefore ideal for film projections or conferences promoting the launch of new products on the market. Thanks to high quality sound system and various lighting scenes, guests feel really special in this space, which certainly increases the value of the presented content. An additional advantage is the possibility of using side monitors to present messages other than on the main screen, e.g. displaying logos of event partners or additional promotional information. However, it also happened that they brought the participants closer to the content shown on the main screen, which without their help would be illegible and incomprehensible to those sitting in the rows below.

Room for business and lounge

The last Warsaw training room worth mentioning is the so-called creative room, standing out from the competition with a creative approach to conducting meetings. Its irregular shape became its advantage and allowed the separation of individual work and lounge zones. Instead of standard, rectangular conference tables, honeycomb tables were arranged. Such a unique arrangement helps to divide the meeting participants into groups, promotes teamwork and exchange of thoughts during brainstorming. For participants bored of sitting for a long time in the same position colourful balls to sit were provided, thanks to which they are more energized and focused on the meeting, and their spine rests. An important element of the décor are also walls painted with washable paint, on which you can write and take notes without using flipchart sheets. In turn, after the end of the intensive part of the meeting, participants can relax in a separate corner with cozy muffs and a rug that feels comfortable, imitating the colour and texture of the grass.

Let's remember that the success of our event consists of many elements, among which the comfort and satisfaction of our guests play a key role. Therefore, when planning the next conference, it is worth cooperating with experienced event organizers who will provide us not only with modern conference rooms with the best equipment, but also their organizational support. Thanks to that we have a chance to plan an unforgettable event for our guests, which will translate into the better image of our brand.



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