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Relax and take care of your spine during the conference to collect energy for the day.


Clear Your mind

Because we care about the quality of our services, we also took care of the cleanliness od air in our rooms. Thanks to this, participants of your training will be able to gain even more than with the standard offer.



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#BLOG Yoga instead of cookies, i.e. the advantages of active leisure during coffee breaks

In line with the trend of healthy and active life, conference rooms in Warsaw should offer “something else” besides diet catering or ergonomic chairs. Experts from Adgar Conference Group took a closer look at the health aspect of conferences and during this difficult time of transition from holiday to autumn working time they promote active rest during coffee breaks, under the guidance of a qualified yoga instructor.

A break in the rhythm of mantras

Sitting in the same position for a long time during a lecture is harmful not only for our spine, but also for our hips, which can be the cause of many diseases. As part of active rest during coffee breaks, Centrum Konferencyjne Adgar Conference Poland offers 30-minute classes with a yoga instructor. The main goal of the classes will be to loosen the tense muscles of the spine and stretch the hips. Thanks to them, the participants will improve the strength and endurance of their spinal muscles as well as their posture. On the other hand, properly selected hip opening exercises will help to relieve the body from stress and pain as well as improve overall fitness. What is important, yoga classes do not require good physical condition and are easy to do for participants of all ages.

Deeper breathing for better wellbeing

Short but intensive exercises will help the conference participants to take care not only of their body health. A little bit of physical activity during the break can stimulate the body much better than coffee. Therefore, the participants of the yoga classes will also practice deepening their breathing, which will allow them to regain energy and oxygenate the body. Thanks to these exercises they will be able to concentrate better on the next lectures and learn more from our trainings. An additional advantage is the fact that Adgar Conference Group conference facilities offer cleaner air inside the rooms thanks to the installed anti-smog filters. After an active break with yoga, conference participants can eat specially prepared, healthy snacks, including bitter chocolate, which will provide them with valuable nutritional values and stimulate taste buds.

Focus on health

When planning an event lasting several hours, it is worth to take care of the health aspect and introduce relaxation and regeneration exercises during coffee breaks. Participants will certainly appreciate an alternative way to spend a coffee break. It is possible that some of them will be encouraged to start their yoga adventure. Anyway, this approach will surely be remembered by the participants and will distinguish our company from the competition, which in the long run will help to build a stronger image of our company. Therefore, it is worth working with experienced organizers who will provide us not only the best training rooms with modern equipment but also their organizational support.



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