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Conference industry yesterday and today – key changes over the last 10 years

Over the last 10 years, our society has undergone enormous changes. We are more mobile, we meet our friends more often in the virtual world than in the real world, we can quickly gain new skills thanks to modern technologies, etc. In order to keep pace with the rapidly changing needs of clients, the best training rooms had to undergo a significant transformation.

On the basis of over ten years of experience in the market and 4 thousand organized events, the experts of the Adgar Conference Group share their thoughts on the most important changes that have occurred in the conference industry over the last ten years.

Complex and modern

Ten years ago, when searching for “Warsaw Conference Center" one could find mainly hotel chains which, in order to expand their offer, leased individual rooms for the organization of corporate events. Of course, conference rooms were not the main part of the hotels’ business, so their standard was very differentiated. Today it is a completely separate industry, and each genuine conference centre offers a comprehensive service for both smaller local events and international conferences for several hundred guests. In the past, the premium offer included air-conditioned rooms with basic equipment such as a projector, a screen (although sometimes the image from the projector was displayed simply on a white wall), a flipchart, chairs and perhaps a wi-fi. Today, professional conference venues have various types of multimedia rooms, which make it possible to hold both video and teleconferences as well as to broadcast our event online. Additionally, you can count on support in decorating the rented room and planning special attractions (such as art shows or special effects during lectures) to make a good first impression on your guests. Most conference facilities also take over the responsibility for menu planning and guest service during coffee breaks, lunches and banquets. The premium package should also include simultaneous interpreters during the conferences to increase the comfort of international guests. There are more and more creative rooms that are supposed to stimulate the imagination of meeting participants.

Market development also entails changes in the meetings industry

In addition to a professional approach to meeting business, today’s offer of conference venues has also changed. Due to the changing nature of work, increasingly popular freelancing and remote working, training facilities had to adapt their rooms to the new needs of their users. In 2005, the world first heard about the idea of co-working, where the working space can be rented even for one day and office services can be outsourced. This breakthrough in the labor market has also brought about changes in the meetings market. Today, clients expect more flexibility from conference venues, hourly room rental, non-standard equipment for their meetings, the possibility of paying for the rental on-site, on the day of realization, etc. It is also worth mentioning the design, which has become a key factor influencing the choice of the venue. Therefore, meeting venues outdo each other in interior design, nevertheless, the modern look of conference rooms does not always go hand in hand with convenience and practical use. It is therefore sometimes worth choosing elegant classics and proven solutions that are offered by facilities with extensive experience. At the end of the day, next to the modern room, the atmosphere of the place is also important, which is largely created by the staff taking care of the comfort of guests.

Customized thinking as the key to success

Over the last 10 years, the training and conference industry has adapted to the changing needs of modern society, but this process has not yet ended. It is possible that in the future, most training courses and conferences will be held mainly online with the use of video-conference tools and social media registration. Regardless of what facilities and technological innovations will revolutionize our lives in the next decade, when planning such events it is worth to cooperate with experienced organizers. Since their organizational support may prove to be more valuable than the most comfortable training room with modern equipment.



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