If, like us you love news, be sure to check what you can surprise your conference guests this time.


Clear Your mind

Because we care about the quality of our services, we also took care of the cleanliness od air in our rooms. Thanks to this, participants of your training will be able to gain even more than with the standard offer.


Fun with Adgar Conference Group!

On 25-27 June we organized at our fanpage fun for all customers Adgar Conference Group. To win was a voucher for a free meeting at our training center.

Fun was carried on the official fanpage Training Center Adgar Ochota. The first person who guessed what was inside the box surprises received the award. To win was a voucher for a free room in the Training Centre Adgar Ochota.

Thank you all very much for taking part in our fun. There was a very interesting answers, but the winner could be only one! Congratulations! Ms. Justyna Półgrabia first answered correctly. And for all those who still do not know the correct answer we would like to announce that the surprise inside our box were green BALLOONS :)

We invite you to follow our fanpage in search of the next awards, and exciting promotions.



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