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How to combain a conference with an evening event

Organizing a conference combined with an evening event sometimes means a necessity to prepare two meetings to be held one after another.

Realization of such projects not only lengthens the time needed for preparation, but also is often associated with complex logistics. An additional difficulty can be caused by the fact that both the conference and the following event have extremely different character. How to combine them to make guests feel comfortable? What we should do to make both meetings successful and perceived by participants as special?

Katarzyna Bobowska, General Director of Adgar Plaza Conference Centre advices how to combine a conference with an evening event, to make the two meetings successful an well remembered by the participants.

Choose convinient for the participants location

Location of the meeting is very important for the organizer, guests as well as the attendance of participants. Certainly attention should be paid to the fact, whether access will be convenient for those traveling by car, plane, and those who use public transport, and whether there is enough parking spaces and taxi stand in the vicinity. Taking into consideration, that the evening meeting which will be held after the conference may end in the late evening, you should choose such a location to make the return of attendees home not too troublesome. Another solution is to organize two meetings in a hotel or guest house outside the city. In this case, convenient access is less important than attractive surroundings, such as lakes, forests, sea or mountains. But in this case participants have to be prepared for the necessity of accommodation outside the home, and the organizers for the additional costs associated with transport and renting rooms.

Check the chosen place for two events

While organizing 2 meetings it is worth to pay particular attention to selecting the right place. Regardless of choosing a hotel or a conference center, definitely it will be a good idea to see the selected object in order to make sure that its appearance, size as well as staff suits our expectations.

Planning two consecutive events (conference and evening event) it is good to choose a place where rooms, in which both these meetings will be held, are close together so that guests do not have to spend too much time on the move. A very important element is the standard, equipment and appearance of the object. The conference room should be air-conditioned, well lit, offer the possibility of total blackout, and there should be comfortable chairs, to ensure the participants of the meeting the highest comfort, taking into consideration the fact that they will spend the whole day and evening with us. When organizing the conference, the organizers must be sure that all the necessary equipment for the conference (eg, screen, projector, laptop) are available at the facility.

A place where after the conference the evening meeting will be held, also must be well considered. Ideally, if the room will be "easily-proven" in a square or rectangle shape, foyer in conference objects and trendy, abandoned halls are also a very good solution. Very often evening events have special character - shows, plays, or performances are held during them. Sometimes a stage or a platform needs to be arranged. Then appropriate technical conditions of the room are required, such as height, width, or distance from the windows. Room size is also important if we want the  buffet, tables and dance floor to be situated in the room where the evening event will be held. We need to consider what kind of space do we need, in order to ensure “air” for participants of the event but also to avoid the impression of emptiness.

A very good place, where you can organize a conference, and immediately after for example a banquet, is the object where it is possible to move walls. This creates new opportunities, and helps to combine the meetings – conference and evening party. Imagine a positive surprise of the participants, when at the end of the conference during the short brake room walls spread apart, so they can see completely different room, especially prepared for the evening with attractions. The same conference room, in which during the day a standard conference is taking place, can be rearranged in 1 hour, by putting round tables with table cloths, natural flowers and proper lighting. Our experience in Adgar Plaza Conference Centre proves that it is a perfect solution when we don’t want our guests travel from one and of the city to another between conference and a banquet.  It is also important to provide the guests with a place where they can relax. This haven of peace may be, for example, the foyer, a place where guests can quietly enjoy a coffee, chat with other participants of the meeting, call. A similar function can meet specially prepared VIP room.

Choose co-workers, on whose experience you can rely

To connect the conference and the evening meeting smoothly and seamlessly, it is very important, to choose people who are helpful and experienced. From the point of view of the organizers of such a double event, the support of the facility’s team is vital. Because of that it is worth to ask for additional services offered by the object which we chose. This may be, for example, providing the catering, hiring and training hostess, providing artists and decorating the hall. Very often, because of their activities, these objects have a base of reliable subcontractors whom they willingly recommend, and often organize their work. Thus, instead of contact with several suppliers, there is a possibility to arrange the events with one employee of the object. Such person, not only will ensure that everything will stick to the plan, but also basing on his experience, will advise the best solution, propose creative ideas in unexpected situations and provide the highest level of service.



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