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Relax and take care of your spine during the conference to collect energy for the day.


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Because we care about the quality of our services, we also took care of the cleanliness od air in our rooms. Thanks to this, participants of your training will be able to gain even more than with the standard offer.



If, like us you love news, be sure to check what you can surprise your conference guests this time.


"Ideas are born here” Campaign

First balloon marketing campaign of its type in Poland, with 5 000 balloons promoting the Adgar Plaza Conference Centre

The marketing campaign “Ideas are born here” was organized by the Adgar Plaza Conference Centre in Warsaw in September 2010. The campaign aim was to spread the message around the capital about the modern, state-of-the-art Adgar Plaza Conference Centre located in Mokotów Business District. Balloon marketing was being used to promote this type of service for the first time ever in Poland. During campaign, 5 000 balloons bearing the motto was attached randomly to cars parked in selected locations around the city. In total, the campaign covered 1 in 40 of the cars that drive through the capital city every day.

“We decided to implement this “guerilla marketing” technique, using harmless, non-threatening balloons as a communication tool, for several reasons. First of all, brightly-coloured balloons are associated with childhood, fun, freedom and freeing the imagination. In this way we wanted to symbolize the motto of the Adgar Plaza Conference Centre – “Ideas are born here”. On the other hand, we hope to provide at least a moment of good humour for those citizens of Warsaw, finding a balloon fixed to their car at the end of the day, which they can easily remove and take home with them. Additionally, we hope that they will remember our Conference Centre as an excellent venue for training sessions, conferences, seminars and business meetings,” explains Katarzyna Bobowska, General Director of the Adgar Plaza Conference Centre.

We invite you to watch the movie:

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Summer discounts for conference and training rooms.

Take advantage of the 40% discount for renting the room until the end of August, and the morning coffee break will make you and your guests a perfectly frozen Italian granita. In addition, you can take advantage of Italian lunch options.

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