We are increasing the offer

We are expanding our offer with training and conference rooms from all Brain Embassy locations. In total, we have now 52 rooms. In this way, we connect with the Brain Embassy brand to create a new BE Inspired product.


Our clients assessed our engagement

About how training center is standing on the market, providing not only its occupancy rate, but above all, how is evaluated by the organizers and participants. For this purpose, constantly we explore the satisfaction of our customers and improving particular steps in organizing meetings. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our conclusions of the report for 2015.

Comparing the overall assessment of our facility from 2015 to previous years, with satisfaction we can say that evaluating our guests from year to year are more satisfied with our services, at a scale of 1 to 6 gives us a total assessment of 5.5. What's more, the study was carried out on more than 500 organizers giving us a completely reliable source of knowledge.

Focusing on the preparation stage an event for which responsible is sales department, we see in our team only lightning. The speed of response to the request and the professionalism of the person preparing the offer has been assessed by interviewees over the average. In some months, we achieved assessment 5.9.

During the implementation phase, customers pay special attention and very appreciate the help and attitude of staff of the Centre, which in the annual assessment gives us until 5.7. Highly rated are also our coffee breaks, both for their taste and appearance. Participants very positively speak also about our waiters who take care of coffee breaks evaluating their commitment to 5.6.

Furthermore, for us crucial information is the source, that our clients find out about us. As a consequence of a long-lasting and activity working on the market of our other facility – Adgar Plaza Conference Centre, a lot of customers continue co-operation with us also in that location (17%). Another aspect that we are proud of is the fact that a wide group of our new clients decide to join us as a result of a recommendation (10%). But the biggest group are people who learned about us through direct contact with our sales department (24%).

We would like to thank to everyone who answered our survey. We believe that thanks to your honest opinion we will be able to satisfy expectation of everyone, even the most demanding clients.




Today book our rooms by the hour!

We cordially invite you to book our rooms by the hours. There are as many as 10 different Board Rooms and training rooms available.

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