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Zadbaj o swoje bezpieczeństwo i czystość swojego umysłu. Przy dobrym dotlenieniu organizmu Twoja wydajność i poziom koncentracji wzrasta. Nasze filtry antysmogowe z pewnością Ci w tym pomogą.


Three golden rules for choosing the perfect conference room

Looking at the offers of training and conference centres, one can get the impression that the only criterion distinguishing them from each other is their price. However, with a more in-depth analysis, more differences can be found quickly. Unfortunately, customers often do not have time to read virtual directories in depth, which can result in unpleasant disappointments when their expectations are confronted with reality. To avoid this, we recommend to use the three golden rules explained below, and renting a conference room will never give you a headache again.

Location at your fingertips

When organizing a conference, training or a small business meeting, we usually follow the principle "the closer, the better". This is the right choice, but let's remember that the keyphrase “conference centre Warsaw" does not always give the result the client is looking for. It is essential to ensure easy access by public transport to a chosen location, whether from a railway station, airport or motorway. Thanks to this we will be sure that regardless of the nature of our event, guests from both the country and abroad will be able to easily reach it. The best training rooms should provide enough parking spaces, which is not the advantage of every event venue.

Mood and professionalism

A projector, screen, flipchart, chairs - these are the first words that come to mind under the term "equipment". However, this is an absolute minimum, and we are entitled to demand much more from our ideal conference room. Equally important is the neat appearance of the room and the aesthetics of the interior, which should form a coherent whole and fit the nature of our event, so as to make a good first impression on the invited guests. A more and more popular requirement is also to create a unique atmosphere during the meeting. For example, you can decorate the room with various promotional materials, or take care of appropriate lighting tailored to the nature of the meeting. Professional conference facilities provide air conditioning and heating, drinks and snacks for guests, as well as the ability to buy full catering according to the needs of the customer. It is also essential to ensure that on-site maintenance support is provided in the event of any hardware problems or simply lack of knowledge of the hardware. An experienced organizer should also be able to select the size of the conference room to suit the nature of our event. For example, suggest smaller business rooms for a small meeting or a more spacious multimedia room for a conference for several dozen people.

Customised customer approach

A premium class conference centre should also offer comprehensive assistance in organizing accommodation and transport of guests, as well as additional services such as simultaneous interpreting, video- and teleconferencing or online broadcasting. It is definitely worth putting this aspect of planning into the hands of professionals who, thanks to their experience and knowledge of multimedia equipment, as well as the market, will provide appropriate premises to ensure our event will be professionally organised. It is also a good idea to ask for the possibility of delegating some tasks (e.g. sending invitations and coordinating the guest list), and to use the time and energy saved for planning the agenda of the meeting. Here you can also count on the support of experienced organizers, who cooperate with many specialists in their fields and can recommend proven masters of ceremony, speakers or even agencies with hostesses.

Let's remember that a well-organized conference helps to build a strong image of our company. The choice of a suitable conference room should be well thought out, as it is ultimately of great importance for the evaluation of an organised event. It is worth to cooperate with experienced organizers who will provide us not only with a comfortable room and modern equipment, but also offer their support at the stage of planning and organizing the meeting. Thanks to that we have a chance to plan an unforgettable event for our guests, which will translate into the success of our meeting.

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