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Zadbaj o swoje bezpieczeństwo i czystość swojego umysłu. Przy dobrym dotlenieniu organizmu Twoja wydajność i poziom koncentracji wzrasta. Nasze filtry antysmogowe z pewnością Ci w tym pomogą.




  • §  1.              


1.    These Adgar Plaza Conference Centre (“Centre”) Regulations define rules of using the Centre as well as safety rules, fire protection rules and other requirements connected with the use of the Centre.

2.    These Regulations are binding upon all users of the Centre located inWarsawat Postępu 17A and constitute an integral part of the agreement concluded with the Centre Operator.

3.    Company Real Estate Solutions Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Conference Centre sp. k. (limited partnership)with its registered office in Warsaw, hereinafter referred to as "Centre Operator", manages the Centre with the owner's authorisation and supervises the execution of the terms of these Regulations and Centre management.

4.    At the premises of the Centre the Operator performs its duties through technical, administration, security, information and cleaning personnel.

5.    The rules of use of the underground car park in the Centre and the ground parking spaces located close to the Centre are set in separate Regulations available at the car park.


  • §  2.              

Fire safety regulations

1.    The users of the Centre are obliged to obey the fire safety regulations binding inPolandas well as guidelines, announcements and recommendations of the Administrator.

2.    The users of the Centre are liable for the effects of a fire, which happens as a result of non-obedience of these Regulations.


  • §  3.               

Order Regulations

1.    It is allowed to stay in the Centre within the times as set in writing in the contract with the Centre Operator.

2.    Any person who stays at the premises of the Centre is obliged to submit to orders of the security personnel.

3.    In the case a visitor brings items to the premises of the Centre to which the security personnel have reservations, such a person is obliged to leave such items at the reception.

4.    In justified cases the Centre’s security services are authorised to refuse access to the Centre as well as order a person who disturbs public order or whose behaviour constitutes an obstacle for other people's work to leave the Centre.

5.    Unless otherwise provided in the Contract concluded with the Centre Operator, the users of the Centre have no access to other parts than the Centre part of Adgar Plaza Complex.

6.    Visitors are not allowed to stay in not rented parts of the Centre without knowledge and consent of the Centre Operator.

7.    A person inviting a visitor bears liability for any damage that his/her guest may cause at the Centre Premises and at the parking.

8.    No sales people are allowed to enter the premises.

9.    It is not allowed to bring animals to the Centre.


  • §  4.         

Rights and obligations of a USER of the CENTRE

1.    At the premises of the Centre it is not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol (apart from drinks provided by the Centre Operator).

2.    A user of the Centre is obliged to use the equipment and devices provided to him/her by the Centre Operator as directed. A user bears liability for any damage or destruction of equipment or devices.

3.  It is forbidden to use devices which cause disruption of devices of other users of theAdgarPlazacomplex.

4.    Each time equipment is brought and/or taken out from the Centre the Centre Operator has to be notified of such an event.

5.    No advertisements, announcements or other marking may be placed at the premisses of the Centre in the widely available parts without the Centre Operator's consent.

6.  It is not allowed to bring in the outside catering to the Conference Centre.  Any food and beverage can be served only by Conference Centre service.


  • §  5.         

Rules of conduct in the case of equipment and materials transportation to and from the Centre

1.    Bringing in and taking away equipment and materials to and from the Centre takes place only at the designated places.

2.    All transportation works have to be notified to the Centre Operator at least one day in advance; the exact time of the works and the names of persons responsible for carrying out those works have to be given.

3.    Each car that parks in the drive to the Centre is not allowed to stay there longer than necessary to load or unload goods to or from the car.

4.    The vehicle used for transportation is allowed to park in the drive only at  a designated spot.

5.    It is not allowed to leave transportation vehicles at the ramp leading to the garage.

6.    In the case more vehicles require space in the drive, times for unloading or loading will be set for each of them. In such a situation each vehicle is allowed to enter the parking at the times as defined.

7.    Motor cars used for transportation may go to level "-1" of the car park to be loaded or unloaded with the Centre Operator's consent.

8.    A person responsible for transportation is obliged to submit at the reception a list of persons who will provide transportation services at the premises of the Centre and mark those persons appropriately before the work is commenced.

9.    A user of the Centre for whom the transportation services are provided is liable for any damage made by employees hired for transportation purposes and is responsible for maintaining order after the transportation works.

10.  In the case any damage comes into existence during transportation, a person in charge is obliged to notify the Operator immediately.

11.  Goods may be transported only in the lifts designated for that.

12.  All transportation works may be carried out only in times as agreed with the Centre Operator.


  • §  6.               

Securing property

1.    A user of the Centre is obliged to secure his/her property. The Centre Operator bears no liability for valuable items or other property brought to the Centre.

2.    The Operator or security services should be notified immediately of a case of property seizure.

3.    The Operator provides services of property safekeeping. Clothes shall be kept in the cloakroom.

4.    The Operator and the Centre owner bear no liability for items left unattended in the common area of the Centre.


  • §  7.               

The conditions for receipt of cancellations and complaints

1. Client can cancel the above order free of charge in writing by confirmation, after informing the Center 45 days before planned event.

When free of charge cancellation expires, Client can cancel the reservation according to the terms given below:

1.1.  44 - 30  days before the event Client will be charged with 50% amount of estimated cost

1.2.  44 - 30  days before the event Client will be charged with 75% amount of estimated cost

1.3.  14 - 0 44 - 30  days before the event Client will be charged with 100% amount of estimated cost

2. 14-2 days before the date of the event Client has the right to diminish number of participants up to 10% without being charged. The Adgar Plaza Conference Center has to be informed in writing by confirmation. When the time given above expires, the cancellation of reservation or diminishing number of participants will result in charging the Client with the cost being equal to the number of cancelled persons for ordered catering.

3. The customer has the right within 5 days after the event ended to file a complaint. After that date, complaints will not be accepted and considered.

4. Complaints are accepted in writing, sent to the address of the Adgar Plaza Conference Centre or electronically via e-mail.

5. Failure to report by the client failure to perform or improperly performed service within the period referred to in & 7 point 3 makes claims under the non-executed or improperly performed services expire.

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