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Learn about our safety rules

Due to the restrictions introduced, read the applicable rules in our spaces.



Hygiene and safety measures in the common area and meeting rooms:

  1. There are contactless hand sanitizer dispensers at each entrance to the space along with information about mandatory hand disinfection.
  2. In the common areas there is information about current recommendations concerning basic safety and hygiene measures as well as stands reminding about disinfection. Each common area is regularly ventilated.
  3. In the common area, we recommend keeping an appropriate distance between people, covering mouth and nose, frequent hand disinfection, using the staircase instead of the elevator, and when using the elevator, limiting the number of people to 2. 
  4. Each toilet has antibacterial soap in dispensers at the washbasins and precise instructions for washing hands. Each toilet is cleaned and disinfected every hour by our cleaning service.
  5. The conference room offers an area of 2.5 m2 per person. During breaks in the meeting, the room is ventilated and disinfected. After the meeting, all touch surfaces are disinfected. We guarantee regular cleaning of air conditioning filters in the meeting room.

Coffee break and lunch:

  1. During the coffee break, dispensers with disinfectant are available at each coffee machine, so guests can safely prepare drinks. Additional snacks or biscuits are also served in the form of individually packaged refreshments. Sugar and coffee stirrers are also provided in individual, disposable packagings.
  2. Lunch break takes place in a dedicated area, separated in an appropriate place depending on the chosen location, e.g. in the lobby, separate room or in the open air. After each lunch break the dining areas are disinfected.
  3. During the lunch break, all snacks and lunches are served in hygienically sealed packagings. Below you will find pictures of packaged meals. Each participant of the meeting opens the lunch box by themselves. In addition, we provide disposable, biodegradable cutlery in an individual, closable packaging with a napkin. There is a disinfectant in the lunch area.

Other rules:

  1. We provide appropriate training to our team working on your event. We implement procedures related to the current situation on an ongoing basis so that our space is safe.
  2. Telephone numbers for sanitary and epidemiological stations or medical services are provided in an easily accessible place.
  3. In case the meeting participant observes clear symptoms such as persistent coughing, malaise or breathing difficulties, he or she will be isolated from the rest of the participants and await the arrival of relevant sanitation services. Based on the interview, routine cleaning and surface disinfection is carried out.

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